Monday, April 16, 2012

Makover Monday: A Tutorial

Today's Makeover Monday features Sharon Minigh, a technology integration specialist, and one of my best friends.  She works full-time and is a mom to a small toddler (who is adorable, by the way).  She can pull off a lot of looks, but today we went for a winged eye/red lip combination.  At the gloMinerals training I just attended, Kate McCarthy showed us this look as an evening/going-out look, and as an alternative to a smoky eye.
Today, I am going to show some step-by-step photos, so this post will be photo-heavy.

Her before...

Next, I used glo's eye primer,which is great to help shadow stay on all day, and golden undereye concealer.  A new tip that I learned is to apply these two products with the eye texture brush.  It goes on so light, it's an awesome way to gently apply and blend these creamy products.
 Here she is with just undereye concealer...
Golden medium is the most popular color of glo Pressed Base foundation, and it worked great with Sharon's color & skin tone.  Here she is with her undereye concealer, eye primer, and foundation...
Used the eye base brush to put diamond eyeshadow (shimmering white) all over the eyelid-you want to sort of press the shadow into the lid and then blend it across with the brush.
Used the creased brush to apply kona shadow (a dark, matte brown) into the crease of the eyelid, then blended is slightly into the bottom vee/outside corner of the lashline.

Started working on the winged black eyeliner.  Here's where patience is a virtue.  I started on the outside corner of the eye and used the black precision eyeliner pencil.  I tried to keep the line as thin as possible.  Then, I drew a thin line straight out from where the top of the eye and the bottom of the eye meet.  I continued working back across the eye to the inner corner of the top lid.  

Go back to the "winged-out" part and shape your curve up.  Again, patience is a good thing, because you may have to use a Q-tip with some eye makeup remove to help sculpt this winged look.  You also want to look at yourself square in the mirror and make sure that they are even.
For the undereye liner, try to line right up to the edge of the water line of the lash and actually blend a little up and onto the water line (the part of the inner rim of your eye)

I used nectar blush, a light shimmery neutral to keep the cheeks muted.  You'll see, the focus is definitely on the eyes and the lips.

 the look is starting to come together...
For the lips, I lined and filled them in with the lip filler pencil.  Then I used vixen lipstick, a rich, ruby red...

and topped it off with poppy lipgloss, a sheer, bright true red gloss.

Add some coats of mascara and Voila!  A very glammed up, superstar mommy!

For some special touches, I did do some highlighting/illuminating at the top of the cheekbones and again under the eyebrows/on the browbone.

All I can say is, "Wow!  She looks so awesome!"  She can totally pull off this look.  And, I had so much fun doing it.  Don't be surprised (or frightened) if you see me trying to pull this look off in the middle of the day and in front of small children ;)

Thank you Sharon!


  1. Wow, very pretty! This is fun to see!

  2. What a fun post. I never wear makeup at all but love seeing how it all falls into place like that!

  3. she looks fabulous both before and after