Friday, May 18, 2012

Five on Friday

Here's my 5 on Friday this week:
First of all, like I said in this week's Makeover Monday post, I am obssessed with bright red lipstick, and here is the shade that I'm trying out. I love all of my own shop's products, but I thought I would try out this shade that is a sheer orange-red. I do love it!
I am also loving this gold starfish necklace & earrings-it feels beachy.
This month, my book club is reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I have started it, but it hasn't really grabbed me yet. I'm going to keep trying.
I'm loving all of my new doTerra essential oils. Citrus Bliss is one of my favorites because of its uplifting, fresh scent. Hopefully, I'll be carrying some of these in my shop soon.
And, lastly, I am coveting these yellow peep-toe wedge shoes from Cole Haan. I have a question for you: adorable or impractical? I can't decide if I could really pull them off or not. I'd sure like to try ;)


  1. Love all your pics and those shoes are to die for! I'd wear those all summer long!

  2. Love your five. I need to start wearing lippy again. I have not worn make up for years so that might be a way to dip my toes in the water! Let us know how you get on with your book club read. I have tried to start this one a couple of times and always moved onto something else. Maybe it gets better a bit further in?