Friday, May 11, 2012

Five on Friday

I'll be the first to admit that I'm an internet junkie.  I love that I can find visual inspiration all over the internet.  I have no excuse to feel secluded in rural WV when I can keep up on all the good stuff that's out there.  If you're not familiar with blogs, a lot of people publish weekly series posts, kind of like my Makeover Mondays posts.  So, I'm going to start doing a "Five on Fridays" series.  I'm just going to be sharing 5 things, personal and professional that are either catching my eye, inspiring me in some way, or just new cool stuff that I've found.  Enjoy!

1.  Tired eyes? Use peach eyeliner  gloProfessional shared this on their facebook page this week, and I'm a big fan of video tutorials.  Just discovered this peach eyeliner at my glo training last month, and will definitely be ordering it on the next order I place.  At the training, Kate used it to outline lips when she did the red lip/Marilyn Monroe/vixen look.

2.  Lisa Leonard continues to inspire me with all of her blog posts, photos, and What I Wore Wednesdays, which is another blog movement about not getting caught up in a frumpy sweatpants habit.  No judgment, I have just always felt like I either need to get myself dressed and ready because it's a slippery slope for me to just live in my pj's all day.  Lisa has been rocking some red skinny jeans and leopard print pants lately.  Right on!

3.  I have two current gift with purchase promotions from Eminence.  I still have a few strawberry hyaluronic acid serums with a free reusable strawberry bag.  Super cute!
The other GWP is a free 2 oz. coconut cleanser when you purchase any two of the new Age Corrective products w/ natural retinol alternative.
4.  I am obssessed with bright red poppy this season.  I want to wear it for shirts, pants, and shoes.

5.  And, speaking of poppy, I found this grouping of images.  Swoon!


  1. Oh, these are inspiring!I'm loving that color, too. Are you brave enough to wear those jeans? ;)

    1. I think before the season is over, I will wear those jeans! ;)