Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Skin Care Essentials

**You may want to get a warm beverage and a notebook before you read this, because it's really long, BUT informative!!**

Winter is here, and most of us are probably feeling a difference in our skin.  The dry air this time of year will sap moisture from our skin.  This leaves behind skin that is rough, dry, and flaky.  My first recommendation to combat tight, itchy, flaky skin is to exfoliate-both on your face & your body.  Here are some of my favorite facial exfoliants...

And, here is my favorite body scrub, it contains both sea salt and liquid soap, so it's a multi-tasking scrub. 

Once you've exfoliated, you need to treat your skin.  For your body, it's as simple as a good, rich lotion.  For winter time, I recommend a shea butter-rich balm, as pictured above.

For your face, my favorite treatments are the Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum and the Strawberry Rhubarb Masque.
The ingredients in these products are perfection!  The masque is gently exfoliating, but also treating, infusing your skin with hyaluronic acid, which is an extremely anti-aging ingredient that can hold up to to 100X (times) its weight in water.  Hyaluronic acid is naturally-occurring in the deeper layers of your skin, and accounts for the springiness.  However,  in your early 20s, your body starts producing hyaluronidase, which is a family of enzymes that destroys the hyaluronic acid.  Not fair!  Luckily, Eminence discovered that hyaluronic acid is also naturally-occurring in the marshmallow root plant, and how we can put it back into/onto our skin.
I refer to the strawberry rhubarb hyaluronic serum as "the fountain of youth" and it is probably my best-selling product.  Clients keep coming back for more!

Onto the last step...moisturizing.  Depending on your unique skin, there is a perfect moisturizer for you!  Most people need to bump up the moisture this time of year, so it may be necessary to get a richer moisturizer.  Here are my favorites...

and don't forget your lips...citrus lip balm.

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