Monday, February 27, 2012

Makeover Monday

The feature of today's Makeover Monday is Kelly Rippin, Monongalia & Preston County Reporter and weekend anchor for WBOY Channel 12.  Kelly agreed to model so that I could do a wedding makeup makeover at a bridal expo.  I wanted to do something really dreamy, with lots of shimmer & reflection that would make her look glowing.  **PUBLIC DISCLAIMER**  Kelly is NOT getting married anytime soon.  :)

Here is her before...

And, here are her afters...

I used gloMinerals alloy eyes eyeshadow palette-a very versatile, must-have for smoky eyes,
glo's blush lipstick-for a light pink/nude creamy base on the lips,
then I dusted glo's 24kt sparkle dust in silver, for a glowing, dreamy shimmer.  
Please contact me by e-mail or phone for more information about gloMinerals, a professional, full-line of pressed mineral makeup.

I have put together some information about doing on-site bridal & wedding party makeup.  If you're interested, please e-mail

Thank you, Kelly, for being such a lovely model.  I had so much fun doing wedding makeup!

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