Monday, February 6, 2012

Makeover Monday

Today's post starts a series featuring some beautiful ladies who work at Channel 12 News-WBOY.  I am so excited to showcase today's Makeover Mondays model, Stacy Jacobson.  Stacy is such a devoted news reporter, and she covers the news and the goings-on in Lewis County as if she grew up here.  She is always representing in the LC  ;)  Stacy has been a wonderful person to get to know.  She has been encouraging and compassionate to me as a start-up business owner.  She is completely dedicated to her work and is very professional and conscientious.  I really admire her personally and professionally.  She has helped build my confidence to promote my business this year, so thank you, Stacy!  I so appreciate it, and I am so glad we met.

Here's her before...

And, here are her afters...

I love that she wasn't afraid of color-in fact, she loves bright colors.  So, we had a lot of fun doing some purple eyeshadows, a cool pink blush, and then a really bright tulip pink lip.  I think she looks amazing.  Next, we are going to try a classic gray smoky eye with a nude stay tuned.

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