Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Skin Care

 Summertime brings about special concerns for your skin.  Sun protection and hydration are the primary concerns for this time of year.  The sun can be very damaging to the skin, causing hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and premature signs of aging.  Additionally, no one is safe from skin cancer, but prevention is key.  Make sure you don't leave the house without SPF.  Women seem to be getting the message and are using products, like moisturizers or foundations that contain SPF, but make sure that the men in your life are protected too.
     Almost two years ago, my husband found out that he had a basal cell carcinoma on the tip of his nose, and had to go through the Mohs procedure to remove all of the cancer.  He was lucky.  Now I make sure that he's protected everyday on his face and head (he's bald!).  He uses Eminence Persimmon & Cantaloupe SPF 32 for normal to oily skin.  And, he carries his own Sport spray sunscreen when he's out on the golf course or out in the yard working.
     Here's a great tip for summertime:  When you're putting on your moisturizer that contains SPF, don't forget to extend the application onto your neck and decollete.  This will prevent the "red neck" effect and will help keep that delicate area looking youthful.
     When choosing a sunscreen, make sure you are using one that has broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage.  Eminence makes a great sunscreen that is SPF 32, Tropical Vanilla Body Cream.  I'll be honest, it's pricey, but I haven't found an organic natural sunscreen that has the same buttery, silky consistency.  I try to buy one of these a season and make it last.

Check back for the next post about Summer Beauty, where I'll address tinted moisturizers, mineral foundation, and the hottest beauty craze of the summer...BB Creams.


  1. I'll need to come over and buy some of that moisturizer!

  2. Do you have this product in stock? I'd like one as well!!!

    1. Yes, I try to keep all of these products in stock. Let me know what you're interested in.