Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeover Monday

The feature of today's Makeover Monday is Debbie Workman.  Debbie and her husband own Touchstone Data Systems, and she is the secretary and treasurer for the Bridgeport Farmers Market.  What I like about Debbie is that you can tell she gets the job done.  I appreciate and respect that in a business woman.  She also has really good taste in music AND food, so that's even more of a bonus, in my opinion.

Here is Debbie's before...

And here are her afters...

This time of year, I'm inspired by the promise of spring, so I try to brighten up faces with brighter cheeks and lips.  Basically, eye colors can stay the same year-round, depending on what colors complement your skin tone, eye color, and despite what some purists say, your outfit.

I used gloMinerals papaya blush 

and I blended glo's majestic sienna lip crayon with tahiti lip sheer.

And don't forget, the next Bridgeport Farmers Market is coming up on Sunday, April 1st from 11-2 at the Bridgeport Conference Center at Charles Point.  There are local vendors plus you can enjoy a leisurely brunch while you're there.  I'm planning on doing makeovers there, so please e-mail me if you're interested, and we'll schedule a time.  

See you at the market!!

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